Kristi Ross


Kristi Ross lives her life around horses. Where she lives, what she does, and how healthy she is, are tied to horses. Kristi’s relationship with horses is a reflection of her relationship with Father God. They bring out the best in her.  Horses have taken her to places most people have never experienced. Physically and psychologically. They have been her confidantes and co-conspirators. Horses have brought Kristi fame, fortune, loneliness, and lack. But she does not want to spend a day without them. Ever

Testimony of Kristi Ross

I grew up in the glorious mountains and valleys of Western Colorado, riding horses, fishing, skipping rocks on ponds, helping with the ranch, and praying. I have vivid memories of riding my spring powered rocky horse on the back porch and praying at four years old. Faith has been the foundation of my life—as a Christian, and when I walked away from it.

I remember standing under a tree in my backyard and shaking my thirty-something-year-old fist at Heaven while in the middle of a self-caused mess. I yelled, “God, if this is the best you can do, I do not want or need you in my life anymore.” And with that, I turned my back on my faith in God and swore I would never return.

What followed were the darkest days of my life.

I also remember the day I returned to God, shaken to the core, humiliated, and embarrassed. When I fell to my knees and told Him I was not worthy of forgiveness but begged for it anyway, I found He had never left me. This prodigal child had come home and found God standing right beside me, waiting to welcome me back and wrap me in His love stronger than ever before!

These kind of life experiences are what I write and speak about. The hurts and heartaches of life wrapped up in the glorious joys and tender moments of splendor that we all need and want to experience.

Do you want more joy? Do you need hope? And do you love the great outdoors? Or a fine horse? Then WELCOME, my friend! Dive in, and we will walk through this together!

Prayer & Fasting

I love to pray. My Pastor says it is like breathing for me. He’s right! Prayer has been an intimate part of my life since I was a little girl. I need to pray more than I need food.  Thus “Fasting and Prayer Facebook group is a place where I share my thoughts and insights into both prayer and fasting and how it can have a tremendous impact on our spiritual walk. Giving up food, or sugar, or even social media for a time to honor the Lord impacts our daily lives in a big way!