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“God, family, friends, and horses! These are the loves of my life.”

I also love the way God has used horses in my life as a road map of where He is leading. Every time I sit on a horse, I pray. He uses them like air in my life. They feed my soul because I’m thanking Him for them, and I’m asking Him questions about them. If I get in a situation where I’m up in the mountains and I’m headed into a section of downed timber, I ask the Lord to help me get my horse though that situation safely, just like He gets me through life safely.

Thank you for joining me as we walk through lush pastures with my beautiful horses. Breathe in the scent of fresh mown hay and take in the magnificent view of the San Juan Mountains, known as the Alps of America. Every day, these majestic mountains remind me to reach toward heaven.

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Horses & Humans

Training Trust in Horses & Humans

Cup of coffee in hand, I stood at the kitchen window as the horses meandered through the pasture and grazed in near belly deep grass. My mind trailed along as they headed to the creek at the edge of my backyard for a drink. There is something so peaceful about a mare and her foal. Their peace permeated my room. Soon, the mare picked up her head and nuzzled her baby. Droplets of water glistened as they dripped off her chin and made dark streaks as they trickled down the colt’s chestnut side. I smiled and thanked more
Scripture & Prayer

Scripture Reading Of The Day:

Are you ready to delve into the Lord’s Prayer with us? First, the scriptures we are going to focus on are Matthew 6 starting with verse 9. But we are going to start a few verses before the Lord’s Prayer because I feel the opening verses are important in relation to All prayers. Please know there are several versions of the Lord’s Prayer depending on what version of the Bible you are reading. For this study we are going to reference the Berean version because I personally think it stays true more
Life's Questions

What Do You Think Heaven Is Like?

I find that an interesting question. We have many books published that tell how people who died and went to Heaven. They tell us about going to a tunnel or a brilliant light and being met by loved ones and relatives when they first arrive. But what about the third day you are there? Or the 3000th day? The following is what I hope Heaven is like. Every summer, we have to give booster shots to the soon-to-be-weaned, not-so-baby-anymore calves. The vaccinations are similar to those you give a human baby. They keep more