Kristi Ross


Two of my short stories are included in Second Chance Horses published by Baker Book House. 

From miniature donkeys to enormous draft horses, from regal Arabian stallions to sassy Shetland ponies, horses and other equines bring us delight and comfort whenever we encounter them. Even more so, perhaps, when humans and horses are brought together through a rescue. Whether someone has started a rescue ranch on purpose or circumstances align to match up the right horse with the right person, stories of second chances warm our hearts and restore our hope.

This emotional and inspiring collection of true stories introduces you to a pony who helps a little girl get over her fear of riding, a donkey who discovers his purpose protecting vulnerable lambs, blind horses who teach their human about courage, and even a pony who somehow figures out how to drive a golf cart. By turns humorous and heartwarming, these delightful tales are the perfect companion for those times you long to slow down, take a load off, and enjoy the ride.

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Upcoming Publications

Kristi Ross will soon have another book of her own horse stories published.  If you are interested in this book or other updates join Kristi’s mailing list. You will then be added to the list and be notified about upcoming publications by Kristi Ross.

Yellar Cat, Kristi’s first children’s book.  Is the true story of Kristi’s wily tabby cat, Yellar. The book will be out sometime in the year 2024.

Kristi is also working on the story of her daughter and her daughter’s miracle horse. Check back for release updates or join the mailing list.

God willing, these books will be followed by many more!